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Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd (FPSB) is a nonprofit association that manages, develops and operates certification, education and related programs for financial planning organizations so that they may benefit and protect the global community by establishing, upholding and promoting worldwide professional standards in personal financial planning. FPSB Ltd’s commitment to excellence is represented by the marks of professional distinction – CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and
FPSB Ltd works in conjunction with its affiliates (FPSB India is one of its 24 Affiliates around the world) to develop and promote rigorous international competency, ethics and professional practice standards for CFP professionals in member countries/regions to ensure that consumers looking for qualified personal Financial Planners understand and value CFP certification.
The needs of consumers of personal Financial Planning guide FPSB Ltd’s activities. FPSB Ltd is committed to working through its member network to establish relationships with regulators, consumer advocates, educators, employers, trade associations and other standards-setting bodies so that personal Financial Planning can emerge as a distinct globally-recognized profession that will benefit the global community.
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